Time to Remember Book Three Ravenhurst Series


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Journey back to the Realm of King Arthur, back to where it all began...

Raven Tremaine- has high hopes all her dreams are coming true when she is offered a job cataloging the contents of Ravenhurst estate, an Ancient Edifice with a misbegotten legend attached to it about a knight and his lost love. Once she arrives though her illusions of grandeur fade quickly. The estate once a showpiece is now in ill repair. Not to be deterred from her dream job even though it is not quite what she expected she jumps in with both feet and soon finds out there is more to the house than meets the eye. Not to mention, another perk to the job... the owner.

Reed Scott- Wealthy, dashing, handsome, simply irresistible, every woman's dream come true...or so he thinks... until he meets Raven Tremaine, the odd appraiser sent out to take inventory of his estate.

Ravenhurst- A centuries old legend, a knight's lost love, a sorcerer chasing a dream and the people who have been dragged into the midst. Will they set everything to rights once again or damage it beyond repair?

*This book picks up exactly where book two ends

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