Now and Forever Book Five Ravenhurst Series

Now and Forever
Is the fifth and Final installment in the Ravenhurst 

Get ready to continue your journey through time with this exciting fifth and final installment in this international bestselling series, Ravenhurst: A spellbinding adventure filled with unexpected twists and turns, dysfunctional hotties and heroines who simply aren’t normal. 
Ravine Tremaine will do anything to help solve the infamous legend of Ravenhurst, even marry the self-centered, egotistical owner—Reed Scott. At least that is what she tries to tell herself as she walks down the aisle to do just that. 

Reed Scott reluctantly agrees to marry Raven Tremaine, for what he calls “the greater good” but soon finds out there are far greater forces at play making them both participants in a legend as old as King Arthur’s Realm. 

Now, Reed and Raven must race against the clock to save not only Reed’s twin brother Lucian but also 
figure out how to lay a centuries old legend to rest which may not be a legend at all, but instead a… curse. 

Will the budding love that is beginning to grow between Raven and Reed be able to withstand the legend of Ravenhurst? 
Or will it be the undoing of them all? 

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